Wake Up The Sleeping Genie In You.

The past is gone, you can not turn back the hand of time, it’s gone. Whatever you did in the past can not be undone but you can be reborn to right past wrongs. Stop worrying about the future, because about what will happen the next moment, nobody is sure. This is not to sayContinue reading “Wake Up The Sleeping Genie In You.”

The Real Best Friend A Man Can Have.

I love dogs, do you love them too? Most people believe that a dog is a man’s best friend. From most available facts, arguably, this is true. The loyalty of a dog to it’s owner can not be questioned. Unfortunately, a dog can only be a dog, it can not feel the pains, the heartbreaks,Continue reading “The Real Best Friend A Man Can Have.”

Don’t Give Me FIsh, Thank You.

Give me a fishing net, take me to the bank of the river, untie your canoe, take me offshore and patiently teach me, how to fish. I don’t need your fish. If you teach me how to fish and I know it and do it professionally, I will give fish to myself and to myContinue reading “Don’t Give Me FIsh, Thank You.”

Walk Away From…

Walk away from anyone who sees you as ‘a little’ who can never become ‘the great’. Walk away from anyone who believes you are an average person who will never and can never be outstanding. Walk away from anyone who is convinced that you will never live forever in your works and your achievements and,Continue reading “Walk Away From…”

The Rough Road To Success.

For you who have chosen to travel that rough road to success, do not allow any distress to suppress and choke the life out of your quest and your Grace to excel. Many before you turned back, few minutes before the dawn of their breakthrough, they turned back because it was the darkest time ofContinue reading “The Rough Road To Success.”

Yes, Love Makes Everything Beautiful. Thanks Jamie Varon.

Nobody is ugly, we are all beautiful, Beauty is seen by the heart while the eyes see only ugliness, But the same image sent to the heart is beautiful, Because without the heart, life is death. The heart is full of peace, full of care and full of love, But most of us don’t useContinue reading “Yes, Love Makes Everything Beautiful. Thanks Jamie Varon.”

Do You Have A Name?

When you to go the market or shopping mall to shop, you have a list of things you want to buy. They may either be written down or not (may be a virtual list). On the list are names of things you want to buy. You won’t go shopping asking for “Nothing,” or an itemContinue reading “Do You Have A Name?”