Never, Never, Never Give Up!!!

In every situation you find yourself, remember you are not alone. There are many others going through the same situation, some much worse. Your first consolation should come from the fact that you are still alive. Only the living have hope and there is always a way for the hopeful. With hope, the spirit springsContinue reading “Never, Never, Never Give Up!!!”

Eat Problems For Breakfast.

Expect problems and eat them for breakfast- Alfred. A. Montapert. Have you had your breakfast yet? Of course you know I am talking about that first meal taken after rising from a night sleep mostly taken in the morning before work. I want to propose the most bizzare of food for your next breakfast. YourContinue reading “Eat Problems For Breakfast.”

Another Beautiful Morning, Another Rare Opportunity.

How do you inspire yourself to act when you do not feel like getting out of bed? No kidding here, some days are like that and you are not alone here, I do feel like that too some mornings and so do those who do not have a regular 9-5 job to wake up toContinue reading “Another Beautiful Morning, Another Rare Opportunity.”

Fear Feeds On Inaction

Why is it that, most of the times, the things we fear most happen to us? Could it be that the frightful anticipation of it’s occurrence immobilizes our senses and stops them from functioning properly to activate a positive countering action or reaction to the fear? If this is a possibility, then we can dealContinue reading “Fear Feeds On Inaction”

Boxes And Where Heaven Is.

Have you opened your boxes yet? Do you have a unique present in any of them? Something you have never been presented with before? And which you may never be gifted again. I just finished opening mine. Out of one, leapt out this present. A piece of paper. On it are written the following words.Continue reading “Boxes And Where Heaven Is.”

Do what you love. Do not love what you do if..

Do what you love. Do not love what you do if you do not sincerely love it. This is the shortest way to unhappiness and real poverty in life. But if you found first, where your career love lies, then you go for it for the love of it, doors to happiness and greatness willContinue reading “Do what you love. Do not love what you do if..”

How Can You Help A Crying Baby & A Complaining Friend?

There are times babies cry and you don’t know why. She is not hungry, not in any sort of discomfort, she is not sick but she will not stop crying, she keeps bawling on top of her voice for several minutes, stopping intermittently to catch her breath. You try all the baby nursing tricks youContinue reading “How Can You Help A Crying Baby & A Complaining Friend?”

What Is #Christmas To You?

Hi, what is christmas to you? Is it just a period to party with family and friends, exchange gifts and try real hard to show love, whether genuine or fake? Is it the time to get to meet Him in a way you never created time to do this outgoing year? The answer to theContinue reading “What Is #Christmas To You?”