Why Successful People Are Fearless.

Photo by Kammeran Gonzalez-Keola on Pexels.com

Join the league of the fearless and have nothing to fear,
Join the league of those who aim high and discover how much you can achieve,
Join the league of givers and banish lean times,
Join the league of those who get paid to live their lives
and cease to work for the rest of your life.


People suddenly discover the awesome abilities they possess, when they abandon the position where fear rules and has complaining, self-pity and self-centeredness as its aides. And take the position of fearlessness.

Many extremely talented people fail to achieve much in life because of the fear to try, fail and keep on trying till they succeed.

They don’t want to fail even once.
Any time they’re at the verge of making a bold move into the unknown, the question, “What people say?” reminds them of the possibility of failure. They retreat and miss the possibility of achieving something big.

The fearless and often less talented folk knows that failure paves the road to success. The fearless is not the one who has overcome fear but a risk taker who doesn’t allow fear to stop them.

The fearless aims high. They aim and miss sometimes but no miss destroys their self-confidence and the determination to keep on trying until they succeed.

On the other hand, those who aim low and hit are not inspired to set higher goals. Frequent low hits don’t boost confidence but infrequent high hits do. So,

“It is better to aim high and miss than aim low and hit.” – Les Brown.

The fearless is also a giver. It’s by giving that we extend our reach and find the freedom to go far in life, carry others along and lift a burden of guilt off our souls.

When we give unconditionally when we can and when we must, our souls are liberated. Maya Angelou observed,

“I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul.”

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