In the end, everything is simple. – Jean Gebser

In the end, everything is simple and everything makes up life,
but it all depends on you, your belief and your understanding of the meaning of life.
If you believed that life rewards struggle with its good fruits
then you would find out at the end that the end of one struggle is the beginning of sorrow,
because finally the candle you light to illuminate your path,
also casts a shadow that darkens a portion, cuts short your joy and sets you struggling again to illuminate the dark.

If you believed that life is simple, that all good things are free,
and no struggle except love Is required to have everything you NEED,
then you find life simple;
the freedom from struggle is also a freedom from cycles of worries and anxieties
that imprison those who’re in never ending brooding over what they’ve lost
and in continuous struggle for what they have within but think is in the future.

At the end, many have realized that the whole purpose of life
Is to live simply, enjoy their time and give love from the bottom of the heart.

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