What Does Every Relationship Need?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Every relationship needs an argument every now and then.

It’s an argument borne out of either a misunderstanding or a stumbling upon of a partner’s secret that tests the strength of a relationship.

Where two partners are past the game stage and are in the commitment zone of a long term relationship, they end arguments and arguments don’t end their relationship.

Every relationship has its peaks and valleys. As a relationship grows older and longer, partners, gradually begin to climb peaks, reach summits and descend into valleys.


At the peak, the union is blissful. You know why? It’s because the relationship is freed of interferences by nosey family and friends and, by jealousy, anxiety and suspicion.

But being the journey that it is, the relationship is still going to encounter differences that would take it down to valleys. For couples committed to a long term, they would realize that life at the peak is more preferred.

And so they would always continue to work hard to resolve all differences and climb back to the peak.

The up and down journey would continue until the partners accept the reality that valleys would remain an occasional place to visit but peaks would always be the preferred and cherished home.

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