Live everyday as your last because one of these of days, it will be. – Jonathan Swift.

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⁷⅞Live everyday as your last,
be thankful for today and be alive to this golden and rare chance you have,
many who made plans for today but postpone actions are no longer around to see it,
maybe they would’ve overcome procrastination and fears
and gone ahead to take the risk to live their dreams.
if they knew the number of days left in their ‘lodging’

Few among many who’re here today are wiser and more courageous,
they know that a day not fully invested is wasted and gone,
so they fear no one, no failure, they take their chances as they come,
win some and lose some, they rise and fall
and never stay down when they can still get up
and run and catch up with every dream they live for.

In this latter group you must belong,
the former comes not,
they pretend to live and life swallows them up
where the former group hides, the latter group shows up
and offers themselves and their talents generously
to the world that saves only action takers in its memory.


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