How To Make The Best Decision For Yourself.

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Few people are paid good money to make decisions on behalf of companies and on behalf of many others. This is an evidence of the crucial role decision making plays in the human existence.

The quality of life you have is a product of the quality of decisions you make for yourself. So, the better you get at making decisions for yourself, the better the quality of life you have. Now, what are the steps you should take to make the best decision for yourself every time there’s a need for one?

1. Have a clear head.

Have a clear head before you begin the process of making the best decision for yourself. Why is this important? if you really want to make the right decision, you must give your brain the permission to filter out distractions.

The head must be cleared of thoughts and worries that interfere with sound decision making.

2. What are your goals?

If you have life goals and take a decision that doesn’t align with them, you would find yourself under pressure to change it sooner rather than later. Decisions are taken and implemented to achieve goals. So you would to have to change decisions which take you away from set goals. And this change would come after time and resources have been wasted implementing a bad decision.

Therefore clearly defining your life goals would save resources, time and get the best out of every decision effort

3. Objectivity.

You must be as objective as possible every time you’re in the process of deciding the best option to pick among many. Although every personal decision is about you and what’s best for you but you should strive to go with the option that saves time, money and promises the highest possible reward. Don’t be emotional rather be scientific.

Carefully analysis the direction you’ve chosen for yourself then list out the options available to you, assess each option on the basis of cost and reward and, pick the best among them.

4. Gut-instincts.

After a careful analysis of all available options, you may still find yourself on the fence. In such a situation, go with your gut-instincts. We’re products of our thoughts.

You’re definitely going to put in a lot of thoughts during the process of analyzing each option. These thoughts would stimulate your inborn impulse to respond, access your accumulated experiences and warn you about wrong options before you. Trust your gut-instincts but do so only after a logical analysis.

5. Others matter too.

You must be conscious that whatever decision you take for yourself would affect at least one person directly or indirectly. Be gracious to inform family and friends about any important decision you’ve taken for yourself. The information should help them adjust to the new ‘you’.

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