Be A Helper.

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Learn to expect nothing from others except the respect of your space. You suffer disappointments, rejections and few frustrations, when you expect more than this. But still, you must ask for help when you need one.

Also learn to show appreciation to all those who give you the assistance you need and to those who don’t.

Many people are self-centered, exclusively focused on filling their needs. We can’t blame them, can we? Only few people understand that we expand the capacity to grow by extending a helping hand here and there to others.


When you find someone who uses their time and talent to give you the help you need, be generous with your appreciation. Your appreciation should encourage the person to do more for others.

To those who say they can’t help you this time, don’t get disappointed. Tell them, ‘Thank you’. They may not be there for you this time but may be there for you next time.

Now this is very important, learn to be a helper yourself. You think you have nothing of value to give to others? if you think you’re worthless, then take time out, search within you and you would be surprised at the gold within you.

There’s a deposit of gold in all of us including you. To mine it, you have to believe you have it, you have to find it and you have to turn it into a useful piece of skill. Pablo Picasso said;

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

Step forward as a helper rather than as the one in need of help. Helpers are stronger than those they help. As a helper, you’re in a position of strength to do more for yourself and for others. As a helper, you’re more confident in your abilities to surmount difficulties.

It’s easier to have a positive outlook on life, to find your purpose in life and to rise higher in life when you wholeheartedly accept the role of a helper. Robert Ingersoll captured this truth perfectly in the following words.

“We rise by lifting others.”

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