Stop Worrying About The Uncontrollable.

Photo by Helena Lopes on

Let us stop worrying about the uncontrollable, for after today is gone, we’ve today no more.
Let us make up our minds, to walk into a better tomorrow.
Let us realize that the best preparation for a better tomorrow is doing our best today.
This realization should inspire us to use every second we’ve today to lay bricks for a better tomorrow and most importantly, enjoy the process.

Yes! We must enjoy the process; by having the freedom to stretch our imaginations beyond boundaries we’re used to.
By stepping out of our comfort zones and testing ourselves against life’s challenges to see how far we can go.
While we’re at it, we should be unafraid to ask questions, seek direction, try to fly, fall and laugh at ourselves.


We should make it our business to write our own stories, be in control of the life we have, have fun and really enjoy our days here on earth.

Life is an adventure but it’s also a burden.
Those who sit back and worry about why life is so tough and without meaning,

haven’t realized that an adventurous life takes away the burden of living.
This is because a heart filled with excitement has no time to worry,

So let us stop worrying about the uncontrollable lest we die while we still have life,
let us enjoy this one chance we have to live life.

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