Why Can’t I Stay In A Relationship For Long?

Photo by Thirdman on Pexels.com

Have you been wondering why you can’t stay in a relationship for long? You may find the answer below.

Love is jealous, it doesn’t share its space with anything except people who’ve made up their minds to give love and ask for nothing in return. Sadly, those who can give love unconditionally and altruistically are not many anymore. The consequence of the dearth of givers of love is the prevalent of short-lived relationships.

Every human being desires to be in long relationship that has a fountain of ever flowing love, peace and happiness at the heart of it. Unfortunately, only few have access to this special and beautiful relationship.

These few are ordinary people who do only one thing right at the beginning and throughout the life of their relationships. What is that? They set out to give love, share love and not to focus primarily, on having a share in the wealth and influence of their partners.


Those who get into a relationship for the sake of using the union as a thoroughfare to social influence and comfort soon realize that material comfort doesn’t give the peace that true love gives. Then the absence of inner peace troubles and causes them to seek true love, which is the basis of inner peace.

Since love wasn’t the foundation of the relationship, none of the party would have love to give to one another. That would cause the one who desperately seeks inner peace and its twin, love, to look to someone else for love.

Then the relationship must be sacrificed to release the unhappy partner to embark on the search for true love and inner peace. The sacrifice marks the end of yet another short-lived relationship founded on everything except the desire to give and share love.

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