Why Are We Here?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The universe has kept every
plant and animal in different places,
to teach humans that
when they follow a path
that consistently fuels their passion
they cease to be friends with failure
and become inseparable from success..


Each of us is called
to serve the world
with what we have,
brought in, packaged in clenched hands;
regrettably, most of us are lost
following the few who’re focused on moving forward,
occasionally, interrupting their forward strides
only to look back and give crumbs to their followers;
it’s a world soiled and crushed
by human selfishness, that promotes ‘me’ over ‘us’.

There’s good news folks,
we’re liberated by love,
the love for self and love for all,
it’s this love that frees
out of clenched fists;
nature’s gift to humanity
and returns to the giver, peace
and a life emptied of regrets.

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