Better Late Than Never.

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Is it late to begin that project you’ve been putting off for several years now?

Is it late to continue that project you abandoned sometimes ago because you encountered tough challenges?

Is it late to complete that project which you walked away from because something urgent came up and took you away from it?

Yes it’s late!


But if it’s better late than never, wouldn’t you be better off beginning now to turn that great dream of yours into a reality? The process may just transform your life positively.

Wouldn’t it also be better to go back to where you left off and continue that project you abandoned? You may not have a more compelling reason to return to it but should you allow those sunk costs and lessons learnt go to waste?

Finally, wouldn’t it better to finish the project a ‘more urgent need’ disrupted? You would never know how close you were to a big breakthrough until go back and complete it.

We may not live long enough to enjoy the benefits of all projects we successfully begin and finish. Nevertheless, true fulfillment isn’t found in reaching the final destination but in every step of the process successfully began and completed.

And every step completed deletes an item of regret from our lives and makes it easier for us to live with ourselves as we grow older.

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