The customer has always driven the business model…”– Amancio Ortega.

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If you’re in business, then profit making is your priority.

Do you have a business plan to make a profit? You do.

That means you have a business model; you have identified which products or services give your comparative advantage and where your customers are in the target market.

Don’t forget that expenses are an important part of a good business model. In the mix, the customer is at the center of an effective business model that guarantees great returns on investment.

Marketing drives every business and every successful marketing campaign is built around customer satisfaction. So, before you build and ship your first product, hear from the customer and give them the products they want at the specifications they want.

Don’t just ship and stop there, get feedback from the customer. And use the feedback to improve the quality of your products and service delivery.

When sales decline, go back to the customer and they will tell you why?

At every stage of your business development and growth, put the customer at the center of your business model. The customer drives every successful business model.

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