One Can’t Fight With Oneself. — Mario Vargas Llosa.

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No one has ever fought self and won.
No matter how hard you try to be someone else, you will lose.

You will end up being the fake copy of the original and suffer from insecurity that comes with trying to be who you’re not.

No one can conveniently and successfully resist who and what the heart loves. The heart would not sincerely and fully accept the compensation of a gift different from what it desires. The consequence of settling for less is the absence of inner peace.

It’s impossible to find fulfillment in your career except it’s a passion you dream, live and play. Regrets in twilight years win, when you settle for a job that’s not your calling but a means to make money and pay the bills.

So go with the dictates of your inner being, for this is who you truly are. Don’t fight it, one can’t fight with oneself, for this battle has only one loser; YOU!


“One can’t fight with oneself, for this battle has only one loser.”
— Mario Vargas Llosa

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