The Power Of Diligence And Devotion.

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One who has come to the age of awareness knows that life gives to everyone, both good and bad things.

When you make peace with this reality, then you should learn and know the next thing to do after a bad thing has happened to you.

When a bad thing happens, the next thing to do is to first accept the reality; that something bad has happened but the worst hasn’t happened yet. The worst would happen when you can’t find the way out.

Then search for the right effort and the right place to apply it. Where you don’t know the right thing to do and how to do it, find out from those who know better than you do.

When you have received the right formula, apply it with diligence and devotion. And don’t give up easily or before you overcome, because even with the right formula, success may not come quickly.


“There is no pit you cannot climb out of provided you make the right effort at the right place… do the next thing with diligence and devotion.” – Carl Jung.

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