Immortality is not a matter of more or less time,.. – Marguerite Duras.

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Over the years, few have spent money and other resources
to achieve immortality without success.

Many are afraid to die because they don’t know what awaits them after death.

The wise one asks, “Are these fear and anxiety about what happens after life justified?
“Is this wasteful investment in project immortality necessary?” The wise one wonders.

Answers are found in what we all know,
which is, what happens after death is still unknown;

The wise one knows that
the one who spends the gift of one lifetime
living and loving every second of it
doesn’t have to worry about immortality.


Immortality is not a matter of more or less time, it’s not really a question of immortality but of something else that remains unknown. – Marguerite Duras.

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