Don’t Give Up Too Easily.

Photo by Marcus Aurelius on

Life is simple but the challenges of life create circumstances where ‘nothing good comes easy’,

It’s easy to have wishes but difficult to cross the ever present hurdles that stop many from having what they wish for.

These hurdles are nothing for the one who believes that they can get whatever they want by working hard and not quitting till they have it.

History is replete with stories about those who worked so hard for what they wanted but never got it because they gave up when the last hurdle appeared. Of course, they didn’t know it was the last hurdle.

No one has yet learnt to identify the last hurdle when they see it. But those who have made “getting whatever they want” an art, have leearnt to accept every hurdle as something that must be overcome.

The approach of these ‘overcomers’ is underlined by the determination; never to give up easily. They only give up when it’s not longer in their power to fight for whatever they want.

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