My Friend Doesn’t Save My Number, Is It Bad?

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Yes, it’s bad. Friendship is a relationship between people willing to trust each other completely. And committed to protect the mental and emotional health of each other.

Total trust is the bond which makes friends grow into each other and become one. As one, they treat themselves in completely special ways different from the way they treat others.

These ways exclude the keeping of secrets from each other and include the sharing of almost everything.

They share happy moments, support each other through hard times, save memories and connections in special ways that comfort, protect and strengthen the total trust they have in each other,

So, a friend who is truly a friend in deed will save your number in a manner and way that remove all doubts and strengthen the assurance that your place is secured in their heart.

If your friend doesn’t save your number at all or in a special way, it means that you don’t have a special place in their heart.

If they don’t save your number, then they’re avoiding a conflict with someone else they love more, cherish more and wouldn’t want to lose.

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