When Should You End A Friendship?

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels.com

As the deciduous tree sheds leaves seasonally to conserve resources and protect itself, you’ve to occasionally free yourself of friends who have become a clog in the wheel of your progress..

Though, the period after shedding the burden of some unhelpful friends would be tough, it would definitely give way to clarity of vision and progress.

Though It would be tough to live with labels of betrayal and haughtiness, still you must stick to your decision. Because It’s wise to invest time and energy in oneself and grow than to invest in unhelpful friends and stagnate.

Use this period of withdrawal from social spaces of some people to reassess your life goals, the journey so far and identify the must-have qualities of helpful friends.

The last is the most important because it should form the yardstick for picking new friends. For definitely, you will always need to build bridges of friendship to reach your destination.

If the yardstick is appropriately designed to fit your ambitions, it should help you assess people and win, only true and reliable friends.

As the deciduous tree enjoys freshness In the company of new leaves , so shall your content be deepened, your life be refreshed and energized in the company of new true and reliable friends.

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