Indomitable perseverance in a business, …ensures ultimate success. – Cyrus McCormick.

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Indomitable perseverance in a business, properly understood, always ensures ultimate success. – Cyrus McCormick.

Every business has a life cycle;
the sacrifice, the reward, the maturity and the decline,
many businesses go down after few years,
because startups refuse to persevere
and ride out the initial storm:

most which get to the reward stage,
consume everything and set aside nothing for reinvestment
in ideas that promise growth and expansion;
it therefore happens that at the maturity stage, where demand exceeds supply,

Since nothing was saved from the windfall of the past
to increase the capacity to supply,, the business enters early twilight,
it begins a fast decline towards bankruptcy that waits downhill.
Except the descent is stopped by the miracle of a bailout,
It’s game over.


Cyrus Hall McCormick was born on February 15, 1809. He was an American inventor and businessman who founded the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company, which later became part of the International Harvester Company in 1902.

McCormick has been simplistically credited as the single inventor of the mechanical reaper. He was, however, one of several designing engineers who produced successful models in the 1830s. His efforts built on more than two decades of work by his father Robert McCormick Jr., with the aid of Jo Anderson, who was enslaved by the family. He also successfully developed a modern company, with manufacturing, marketing, and a sales force to market his products. He died on May 13, 1884.
Source – Wikipedia.

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