Is It Okay To Make Mistakes?

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“If you don’t occasionally make a mistake, you aren’t trying hard enough.” – Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr.

Yes. It’s okay to make mistakes occasionally. It’s a proof that you’re trying hard enough to realize your dreams.

Tactics and strategies are required to transform dreams to realities. But tactics and strategies not put to use are worth nothing.

How do you measure the worth of those strategies you think would help you get to your destination? It’s by comparing actual results they produce against expected results. Not all strategies are going to deliver expected results, some are going to yield results that fall short of expectations.

What should you do when expectations are not met? Then it’s back to the drawing board. Applied strategies should be investigated, to find out where mistakes have been made. For progress to be made, mistakes must be corrected to strengthen defective strategies.

Now, you have better strategies. But you wouldn’t know if they’re better until they’re applied and results meet expectations. Every expectation met, takes your dream progressively closer to reality.

Every mistake corrected closes the gap between dreams and realities until the two become one.

So, when you need something so much
dont be afraid to make mistakes,
then progressively strengthen weaknesses
until you attain your true self worth.

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