Why Busyness Doesn’t Equate Success And Impact.

Photo by Poranimm Athithawatthee on Pexels.com

Busyness, the condition of having so many things to do doesn’t equate success and impact. The reason is simple, busyness destroys more than it builds.

Busyness affects the health adversely. It’s difficult to find the time to unwind when you’re busy knocking, in most cases meaningless things, off your to-do-list. You burn out quickly, become vulnerable to anxiety attacks and stress.

Inefficient use of time is also linked to busyness. The habit of busyness makes you build a life around work and work alone.

There’s no time for family and non-work related activities in your daily routine. So naturally, you spend longer hours on projects which you would’ve taken fewer hours to complete if you believed your family was equally important.

The spill over of the inefficient use of time is disharmony between work and life. An unbalanced life is an unfulfilled life. This is because you spend all your time everyday on one area, with no time left to fill needs in other areas of life.

There’s a consequence, your productivity suffers when you’re unable to establish harmony between work and life


So, busyness doesn’t equate productivity. What equates productivity is having a to-do-list that promotes efficiency. A to-do-list that is efficiency centric allocates time and resources appropriatly to self development, growth and relationships. Appropriate allocation of time to evenly distributed life goals is the only way to achieve success and make imlact in life.

Wouldn’t you agree that busyness doesn’t equate success? So, shouldn’t it be done away with?
You can break this habit by building a new to-do-list that helps you remove distractions from your life. And also helps you complete the most important and difficult tasks first as a daily routine.

Finally, if you must succeed, you must realize that somthing and some people don’t deserve your time and attention. This realization leaves you with one option. What’s that? You must learn to say “No” as many times as it’s necessary, to all things and people that want to steal a second of your time in a day.

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