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Life management is important to anyone who desires to live a highly productive life, fueled everyday by happiness and fulfillment.

Effective life management gives sufficient capacity to productively use time to fill needs as they arise, control and direct life to the things that really matter to an individual.

Life management is the ability to identify your purpose in life, focus and achieve primary goals and, attain the much elusive stability in life.

Whether one is conscious of it or not, everyone’s primary goals are rooted in:

  1. Self development,
  2. Relationships an
  3. Financial management,

Contentment in life comes from the attainment of these primary goals in satisfactory proportions. Effective life management should help you reach your optimum level of productivity, build fulfilling relationships and attain financial freedom.

An effective life management doesn’t happen by accident, there’s a strategy.

As with any great strategy, there is a process. The process of building a great life management strategy follows five steps. What are these steps?

    You have to first of all find your purpose in life.
    There’s no way you would manage your life effectively by attempting to live someone else’s life or by allowing others to live your life for you. So, you must know what your purpose in life. What have you been called to do in this life?

It’s when you’ve found your purpose in life, that you would easily know which of your strengths you must focus on and which skills you must develop.
The focus you need to achieve your best level of productivity will only come from this identification.

There are other benefits of finding purpose in life, these are elimination of confusion and inferiority complex. This is made possible by the fact that at all times, you’re clear about what you want and you’re sure of abilities.

A great life management strategy can’t be built without a personal plan as an essential part of it. Your daily actions must be guided by a personal plan painstakingly designed to help you live your purpose in life.

The personal plan should give you control over your life and also give your life direction.
The quantitative plan (budget) should help you achieve successful financial management. Every spending is preplanned and every investment decision is made after all available opportunities are objectively examined.

Unnecessary indebtedness is avoided by having the financial discipline to stay within budgeted spending limits.

Another advantage of having a budget is the ability it gives to predict cash flow, where a shortfall in cash receipts could occur in the future and make adequate preparations. Wouldn’t this kind of knowledge help you to better manage your life?

Just having plans will not contribute much to better life management. You must have the determination to carry out your plans and have the discipline to be faithful to it from the beginning to the end.

You must also be prepared to review results as the come in and make adjustments where they are needed.

Now, this is easier said than done, but breaking down your plan into daily easy-to-do routine simplifies things. It should help you to assess your performance in the short and make early improvement before it’s too late.

A life management strategy founded on continuous learning provides the route to steady growth, expansion and fulfillment.

Don’t rest on your oars after the achievement of primary goals, raise the standard and go for bigger things.

It’s almost impossible to aspire for things outside the realm of one’s knowledge. So, it’s going to take continuous learning and researching to discover opportunities that open the door to higher and higher levels.

Continuous learning is the only technique that guarantees progressive self-improvement to where the purpose of existence is found.

An effective life management strategy is found through the total acceptance of and contentment with one’s abilities, purpose and values.

You develop a winning life management strategy when you accept who you are and your strengths and, feel fulfilled with all you have in life.

The acceptance and feeling of contentment should flood your heart with inner peace, gratitude and selflessness. The level of selflessness that gives the capacity to love others unconditionally, recognize the best in them and support their dreams in ways you could.


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