How To Maintain True Friendship In A Relationship.

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Now that you’ve each other, why’re you not talking anymore as you used to? No more storytelling, just few words to remind each other about ‘serious’ things.

Haven’t both of you realized that by delaying to bring the Wefriendship of early days back, you’re pushing each other closer to the edge of your relationship? In the circle of love, true friendship is a centripetal force.

It’s not hard to maintain friendship in a relationship. It’s a matter of awareness of the need to do it and the commitment to continue to first be friends before lovers. Where should you begin?


Start with the storytelling:

Stop bringing work home rather bring stories home and share with your partner. When you’re done talking about the trivial, funny and serious things that you heard, saw and experienced, encourage your partner to do the same.
Don’t snooze off when you’re done telling your stories, ask and answer questions and listen attentively.

2. Watch movies together, read the same books: and play games together:

Movies and books your partner loves to see and read may not interest you. But for the sake of friendship, you’ve to step out of your comfort zone and share their interests. Not half-heartedly but with genuine interest. Only genuine interest can unlock fertile grounds for friendship to blossom.

How to develop genuine interest in things which don’t interest you? An unbiased mind is important.

Finding the time to play family games together is also a great way to enjoy fun time and strengthen the bond of Friendship.


3. Maintain trust:

It’s not easy to establish trust in a relationship. Trust is often a product of a friendship strengthened by storms it has weathered and survived.
What good does trust do for a friendship?

It builds a true home for friends to let drop their guards, reveal deep hurt and get the help required for total healing.

The primary reason for seeking friendship is to have a generous heart, you can trust to share problems, challenges and dreams with.

So, when trust is taken out of the equation, it becomes impossible to solve and overcome problems and challenges which could only be done by true friends.

4. Don’t stop complimenting:

Women love to be complimented on their looks and men, well…yes. Telling your partner how great they look in their outfits is not old fashioned and will never go out of fashion.

The gesture will continue to inspire partners to put great efforts in dressing and appearing in ways they know their partners would compliment.

The unappreciated starts having a feeling of unworthiness when those compliments stop coming. The feeling may gradually morph into a feeling of suspicion. Suspicion is a common assassin of relationships


5. Maintain honesty:

True friendship demands that you lways be honest in your words and actions and, about your feelings.

You want to be trusted? Then have a proven record of honesty. Honesty establishes the level of predictability that helps partners to accurately guage and interpret moods of each other. Then respond in most appropriate ways that grow relationships from strength to strength.

Muhammad Ali said;
“Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.”

We can go on and on about why you must maintain the friendship in your relationship but we can’t , in all honesty, give you a perfect template. You’ve to figure out what best works for your relationship.

And you can do it if you truly love your partner and regard your partner as the only one and as your whole world..

“To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world.” — Dr. Seuss.

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