Question: Should I?

Photo by Chris F on

Knee deep in the water,

her Comfort zone, no going further,

The little water snakes pass her legs,
in her mind, she knows it bigger ahead,

in her ears, she hears its whisper,
a strange language she yearns to understand;

she has heard stories about its travels,
its adventure has been her travails,

twenty years now she’s been praying,
that it would stop and say “Hello Lady”

then she would tell it her story,
her pains, her depression, “goodness, my heart is breaking,”

“That day will never come”, She sighs,
her gaze on a piece of flower it’s taking out of sight;

may be she needs to take the risk,
follow it around the world, “would she be homesick?”

“Hasn’t she had enough sadness?”

“She’s gone? That’s madness!”
“Let them say whatever they want” she screams,
“I’m ready to take the plunge, it’s my dream.”

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