Insecurity In Relationship: How To Deal With It And 6 Sure Signs.

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Your mate is asleep, you’re going through their cell phone, searching for clues that justify your suspicion of infidelity. That is not a sign of love rather it’s a sign of insecurity.

You’re not only slowly burning down your relationship, you’re also surely squeezing the life out of your heart. You’ve to stop yourself now before it’s too late.

There re other habits that indicate that you’re feeling insecure in your relationship. Let’s look at some of them:

  1. Staying ‘permanently’ glued to your partner’s side.

You want to be with your partner all evening everyday. In the depth of your heart, you’re scared that they could be taken from you if you allow them out of your sight for some hours.

It’s your own way of stopping them from hanging out with friends and possibly getting to meet a ‘rival’.

But freedom is the key to true love. When someone loves you truly from the bottom of their heart, they build their home in your heart. So, no matter how far away they wander, they will always find their way back home.

2. Stalking your mate on social media.

Relax! Very wise cheats work harder not to leave any trail. So, if you had a cheat as a partner, they would do almost everything right to cover their tracks. Sitting on their tail on social media, may give you no update on what they are up to.

Wouldn’t it do your health a world of good to refrain from stalking and concentrate on living happily as much as you could. Listen, acts of desperation can’t keep a partner whose mind is made up to leave.


3. Jealousy.

This is a sure sign of insecurity in a relationship. It births the stalking and the desperation to be permanently be your mate’s side, mentioned above.

Jealousy makes you entertain unnecessary fears and exhibit the habit of jumping to errorneous conclusions.

You develop an annoying pattern of making mountains out of little molehills like exchanges of casual greetings, hugs and eye contacts between your partner and complete strangers. Are you not tired of the frequent fights your jealousy causes?

Haven’t you realized that those fights are counterproductive? They are pushing your partner further and further away from you. You have to understand that, you can’t win and keep love by fighting.

4. Don’t avoid to speak your mind.

Now, you must not keep your concerns, fears and personal views to yourself. Share them with your mate. Deciding to do the opposite is a sign of insecurity in your relationship.

Are you worried by their recent change in attitude? Share your worries wisely, calmly and with the assurance that you suspect nothing. Let your partner know that you just need their own side of the story so as not to reach false conclusions.

5. Frequently threatening to breakup.

When you find yourself in a situation where you frequently threaten to breakup, then youre feeling insecure in your relationship.

Threatening to breakup your relationship should be a last resort after several attempts made on several occasions to sort out a nagging issue have failed. But when the threat becomes a tool, which you believe should be used to give you a sense of security in your relationship, it produces undesirable consequences.

The more you threaten the more your partner’s doubt of your long term commitment grows. So, frequent threats to walk away from a relationship actually hasten the death of a relationship.

6. Seeking constant reassurance of love.

You don’t need to be constantly reassured by your mate’s love for you to feel secure in your relationship. Seeking it often is a pointer to a feeling of insecurity.

Some people feel that giving frequent reassurances of their love for someone doesn’t tell the true story. This set of people believe actions speak louder than words.

So, they’re uncomfortable when put under pressure to do it.

Rather than put yourself through the agony, the anxiety, the paranoia and other distressful conditions that the feeling of insecurity causes, turn to loving sincerely as much as you could.

Give your all everyday and renew the fragrance of your love every morning through total support for your mate. Force nothing to happen, great things which are meant to happen, occur naturally at the right time.

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