Isamu Noguchi – “Appreciate The Moment.”

Photo by Eternal Happiness on

Appreciate the moment,
forget the past and all the pains

and all the regrets about the things you did wrong,
and all the words that came out wrong,

and you’re embarrassed everytime

you remember,
the time has now come for you to become better
at being you by using every moment you have
to always learn and always discover
better ways of doing things right,

and experience the inner peace that comes from every moment of fulfilment:
Maybe mistakes of the past were
as a result of seeking quick solutions. Isamu Noguchi observed;

Brancusi made me realize that what I had learned previously — the quick ways of doing things — was all wrong… It is not the quick solutions. It is not something you learn and apply. After all, it is a search you have to enter into yourself.”

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