Leonardo DiCaprio – “To Join The Top 1% You Have To Do What The 99% Won’t.”

Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata on Pexels.com

When 99 are wishing it could happen,
be the one to make it happen,

join those who are willing to make mistakes,
ask questions, attempt to create, fail,

but don’t give up until the find the answer.
Don’t join the 99% that want answers
but are too afraid to crack the nut,
look within and discover the abundance in the world

99% are awed by the fear of the unknown
and held captive by the finitness of what they know

But the 1% have realized that,
what we have at any time,

is a tip of the iceberg of what we can have,
we can ways have more by going in the opposite direction to the crowd.

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