Why Entitlement Mentality In Relationships Is Harmful?

Photo by Jasmine Carter on Pexels.com

In a relationship, you don’t deserve more than you give.

What you receive in a relationship is a reward for giving something to the relationship.

There’s no room for an entilement mentality in a relationship.

If an entitlement mentality is allowed, the passage of time would cause the beneficiary to show ingratitude for the good they receive..

Why should they tell you, “Thank you?” Isn’t it your job to bend over your back so that they can have what makes them comfortable. It doesn’t matter to them the pains you go through to deliver the goods..

As you continue to help your partner do what they could and should do for themselves, you soon get to the point where they see it as normal.

An attempt to discontinue is interpreted as “You no longer care about them”.

When a partner with an entitled mentality begins to feel this way, it’s time to stop and ask, “Do you really care about me or is this all about you?”

If it’s all about them then you really don’t matter. You’re in a wrong relationship.

The right relationship is meant to give two people the space and the support to enjoy the company of one another in peace. And also to enjoy personal comfort that’s difficult to have in solitude.

The right relationship is the one where each look out for the other and put in hard work and deep emotions (especially empathy) in equal proportions.

If a relationship is not right for you, it’s going to drain you of energy, bring you to your knees and eventually lay you down flat on your face.

When you allow a relationship to drive the life out of you, other areas of your life are going to be affected. Then you slowly but surely lose life stability.

So when you’re in a relationship with someone with an entitlement mentality, be bold to find out how much you matter. If you don’t matter, then something else or someone else matters ahead of you.

You’re giving much more than you’re getting back. And that’s bad for your personal welfare.

It’s bad because you’re happiness, good health and career progression are irrelevant to a partner with an entitlement mentality.

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