There Is No Greater Agony Than Bearing An Untold Story Inside You.” ~Maya Angelou

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Are you tired of keeping those secrets? If you’re tired, it means it’s time to tell the story inside you.

Why should you do that? To make an escape from traumatic events of the past.

The foundation of many problems in relationships is linked to traumatic experiences in the past.

Telling stories about those experiences is the right way to begin the healing process.

The moment you choose to share a long held secret with a compassionate heart signals the beginning of total freedom.

The components of this total freedom are;

  1. Complete forgiveness of self and those who wronged you in the past (among them maybe your parents and siblings).

2. The courage to live life on your terms. You should realize that life at every turn, presents us new experiences that shape our stories.

These stories are not meant to enslave us but to give us the power to control our thoughts.

And focus our thoughts on what we want, how to have them and be free from a life of agony.

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