How To Get Over A Relationship Breakup When You’re Still In Love.

Photo on Pexels

It’s the hardest ending to accept, when you’re told that what you thought was going to last a lifetime is over.

You would want to believe that it’s a bad nightmare you’re going to wake up from. It’s not a nightmare, it’s real. The one you loved from the bottom of your heart and still desperately in love with is moving on and is suggesting, “You either move on too or rut’.

Well, the real nightmare is about to begin if you don’t know what choice to make. You’ve the choice to go agonize about it forever or cry a little bit then begin the process of healing your heart.

Choose the latter. Choose to love yourself whether someone else loves you or not. Choose to always take care of yourself because if you don’t, no one will.

The one, who has decided to leave you in the lurch and move on with life, will not spare the time to care at all to look back and empathize. Their focus is on happy moments there are probably sharing with someone else while you’re agonizing and weeping over spilt milk.

When a relationship is ended when you’re still in love, gather your mind, body and soul and move on. Immerse yourself in your work. Work harder than before, read inspirational books and try new things. Just do something productive that will challenge you mentally and physically. Set big goals and go for them.

The aftermath of a relationship breakup is definitely no time to get into a situationship. That would be increasing the chances of yet another relationship breakup. The aftermath of a relationship breakup is the time to choose to live; to live a good life.

In the aftermath of relationship breakup, choose self-acceptance over self-rejection and choose self-love over self-hatred.

You’re a treasure; a unique work of art, there’s no one else like you.

Now know this; There is someone special waiting to love you just the way you are. Waiting to love you sincerely for the rest of your life.

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