Build An Ark And Escape Anxiety Attacks.

Photo by Matt Hardy on

After putting in the hard work, you have to accept the fact that outcomes will not always be the ones you expect and understand that an unfavorable outcome isn’t a deterrent to try again.

You should accept the fact that many things are beyond the control of human beings. Human beings can only give their best, get better but a downturn in fortune, disaster, sickness and other natural crisis are part of us.

The possibility of the occurrence of a natural crisis shouldn’t be the cause of anxiety. Being anxious about the occurrence of an extraordinary event can’t stop one from happening. Some events are inevitable.

An anxiety attack is disruptive to a normal daily life. It can stop you from living an exciting life, making plans for the future and enjoying the moment while doing the things you love.

If there’s likelihood that a flood will come five years from now, why don’t you start now to build an ark? Go to work on getting coverage.
When the coverage begins take shape, it should give you something to focus on. And it’s unlikely that your focus will shift to worrying.

You could also stumble on exciting new discoveries while in the thick of building the ark. It may be a serendipity that leads to the awareness of a potential you never knew you had.

Spending the rest of your life exploring your new found passion would keep you sufficiently employed leaving little or no opening for anxiety attacks.

Start now to build that ark and break that anxiety cycle. Productivity provides an escape route from anxiety attacks. So rather than focus on the problem; the cause of anxiety attacks, focus on finding the solution.

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