This Is Why You Must Avoid Character Assassination In Relationships.

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“A bitten tongue is not cut off and thrown away,
the pain is endured,

love doesn’t stop occasional fights but fights can’t end an enduring love.”

It’s normal for couples to have occasional misunderstandings.

It’s expected; if it’s not happening then two people are play acting for the entertainment of one another.

A misunderstanding between a couple in some cases is a supremacy battle.
Partners exchange strong abusive words in an attempt to hurt one another and win the fight. In the process, someone’s character may be damaged.

The wounds may never heal and the wounded may never recover their true self-worth again.

And except both work real hard at exchanging love after the fight, it may mark the beginning of the end of real love in the relationship.

Love dies gradually until it’s completely gone. A loveless relationship allows two people to condone one another for as long they can fake it. But occasional fights don’t have to wash away love from a relationship.

When you have a fight with the one you claim to love pay attention to the words you say. Anger shouldn’t cause you to spit words that decimate your partner’s self-worth. Don’t try to win the fight.

A relationship is not a place for war between two people and there’s no room for competition.

So when there’s a fight, caution shouldn’t be thrown away. There will be a life after the fight and it’s conventionally expected that the bond should become stronger after every fight.

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