F . Scott Fitzgerald – Never Confuse A Single Defeat With A Final Defeat.”

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A single defeat has sounded the death knell on the ambitions of many.

Many have confused one rejection with the belief, “You will never make it.”

This confusion has caused many to give up a little too early; mostly, at the brink of victory.

It’s time you made up your mind not to retreat too early and surrender too. A single defeat is just a river which you must cross to get to the place of fulfillment.

You didn’t give up when you took your first steps as a toddler.

You fell down many times but every time you fell down, you got up and kept going until you began to run.

You got to play with things you once could only look at when you couldn’t walk and run. As you got older, you started having dreams.

You have achieved some of those dreams but some of them are still marooned on that long distant fantasy island. You can still get to them, while you’re still here.

It’s too late for you to turn back now. You’ve come this far to give up and go back. Go back to what? Go back to the old life you’ve always known?

Have you forgotten that variety is the spice of life? Be determined not to be stopped by a pocket of defeats here and there.

Be determined to win this war because you can.

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