3 Shared Core Values That Form The Foundation Of A Happy Relationship.

Photo by Leah Kelley on Pexels.com

It’s possible to build a happy relationship for everyone involved and keep all happy.

What is needed is the decision to seek out things that make each partner happy and make the doing of those things a priority.

Things that make people happy are not difficult to know. They are what they like to have, hear and see as often as possible.

People don’t usually make a secret of the things they like; they normally tell and show them to thise they are in love with.

Everyone wants to be treated in a special way and where possible, loved and appreciated in special ways.

The top place a lot of people look to with expectations to be loved and appreciated is their relationships.

We know that we receive the highest level of love and attention by becoming real humans and revealing our soft spots.


Yes, we know this fact. And everyone somehow finds someone they let into their deepest truest being.

When they do, they expect to be fed pure love, undivided attention, absolute faithfulness and an unbroken commitment to receive things that make them happy.

Sadly, exposing our likes sometime become the source of our undoing. Because may be we reveal our humanness to the wrong heartless people, who use it to blackmail and hurt us.

But sometime, we’re fortunate to find a human with same likes. When our likes cross paths with those with similar paths, a bond is formed.

The compatibility doesn’t have to be in all areas for a strong bond to be formed. Finding compatibility in the area of shared core values is the foundation upon which a strong relationship between two is built.

Shared core values form the nucleus of a strong bond. Two people who share same spiritual, career and parenting values are most likely going to build a great happy relationship.

These three shared core values are the best place to lay the foundation for a happy relationship.

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