Is Self-Harm A Good Depression Management Technique?

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No it is not. It’s like cutting the nose to spite the face. Self harm is not going to hurt family and friends    but you.

Depression is a feeling of serious low spirits and self doubt that come from believing that all hope is lost. Hating yourself, indulging in negative thinking and causing harm to self in other forms are going to make the feeling worse instead of going away.

Difficult feelings, excruciating experience and painful memories are part of life. They exist to teach us lessons which we wouldn’t be better and wiser human beings without them. When tough times give us options between a negative lifestyle and a positive lifestyle, choose the latter.

Choosing to live positively is the best way to manage depression. A positive lifestyle inspires the hope that while tough times are here, they are fleeting and will eventually give way to a better tomorrow. So when you think you are depressed, learn all you can to be certain that it’s depression. If it is, the following offer a pathway out of it:

  1. Seek the support of true friends.

Share your feelings with true friends.  A problem shared is a problem half solved. Sharing a problem lightens the weight because the consciousness that you have someone else trying to find a solution to a personal problem is assuring. The assurance is sufficient to give a modicum of hope to what was deemed as a hopeless situation.

So it pays to socialize more at the infancy stage of depression.

2. Healthy eating.

When you are depressed, indulge in healthy eating. Efforts to escape from the clutches of painful memories are made easier when you have good meals to look forward.  Such thoughts should help you minimize the time spent relieving painful memories that sink the mind further into depression.

The time of depression is not the best time to sit at the dining table and pick at your food while dwelling on what you have no control over. Consider this, can you undo a past that is gone and lost or stop a future that must come? You can’t, but you can make the best of today. If you could make the best of today then you would banish from your mind, painful memories and worries.

3. Get enough sleep.

Don’t stay up at night worrying. Rather invest those night time in hours of sleep sufficient to rest and prepare the mind for a productive day. Hours of sleep lost are never recovered. And those lost hours do more harm to the brain and body by causing stress and fatigue.

Depression is a problem that is solved by a healthy mind. A healthy body houses a healthy mind.

4. Learn to focus on positive thinking.

Depression is the product of a mind that dwells on negative thinking. Getting out of it, is taking the mind in the opposite direction. Understand that in life, everything that has a beginning must surely come to an end. Tough times don’t last; those who outlive tough times have the last laugh. And they are people like you and I.

How do you cultivate the habit of positive thinking? Read books and listen to audios that tell stories about survivors of difficult situations and conditions and how they did it. Draw hope from such stories and have the belief that you’re going to come out of yours a winner.

5. Learn better ways to approach life’s challenges.

Life without challenges is a life that is not offering you opportunities to explore and reach greatness. Each solution you find to one problem adds a layer of invaluable knowledge and wisdom to your life. These priceless life transforming lessons can’t be learnt in any other way except through experience.

These lessons arm you with the tools you need to avoid future pitfalls, recognize opportunities buried within challenges and help others to cross hurdles in life. So, when you face challenges, accept them for what they are and also accept the fact that you alone are responsible for surmounting them. This is the first step towards overcoming life’s challenges.

Then think of what you can do on your own to solve your problem before soliciting the support of others. In most circumstances, people you go to for help, would want to know efforts you have so far made to solve your problem. Bringing them up to speed on that would show them the best place to begin.

6. Don’t rely completely on medication.

When you’re depressed, relying completely on medication is not the way out of it. A total reliance on medication could lead to substance abuse. Medication gives a temporary reprieve from feelings of depression. It doesn’t arrest the cause; it only suppresses or numbs such feelings for a while. Those feelings return when effects of medication wear off.

7. Seek help.

Rather than depend wholly on medication seek help from friends, family and professionals. Don’t resort to self help and harm yourself the more, go to those with the right training and the experience for help. Professionals are there because depression is real and also, because the existence of real help for victims is available.

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