“…How Do You Hold Yourself Together?” -The Finkler Question. 13 Howard Jacobson Great Quotes.

Photo: Pexels.

Howard Eric Jacobson, born 25 August 1942, is a British novelist and journalist. He is a Man Booker Prize winner known for writing comic novels that often revolve around the dilemmas of British Jewish characters.

Below are 13 Howard Jacobson great quotes;

  1. How do you go on knowing that you will never again – not ever, ever – see the person you have loved? How do you survive a single hour, a single minute, a single second of that knowledge? How do you hold yourself together?

2. Nothing is definite, nothing is finished, nothing is determined.

3. Sometimes, a writer’s life alone can tell a story.

4. It was reading Hamlet that ruined the concept of authenticity for me, not because Hamlet lacked existentialist credentials himself – indeed, as an earlier discontented Dane, he could be said to have laid the ground for Kierkegaard – but because the line ‘to thine own self be true’ was spoken by that humourless old ninny, Polonius.

5. Economics is not a science; it is a quasi-religion: part superstition, part mystique, part sentimentality. Bankers dream like other men, the only difference being that when their dreams turn to nightmares, we all lose sleep. There can be no trusting the muttering of any prelate when it comes to money.

6. Things go bad after a divorce and often stay that way. It is rare for the parties to return placidly to a time before they met. A bitterness lingers on. Those who call this our Independence Day, fantasising of returning to a never-never time before they married, when they were free, easy, single, and master of their fate, are delusional.

7. Everything is allowable in literature, but what is not allowable in criticism is objection on the grounds of probability

8. You don’t remember people you love by the wise things they say but the silly things they do..

9. Where there are no spectators, there is no sponsorship. Where there is no sponsorship, there is no money. Where there is no money, there are no officials with fingers in the pot. The lesson to be learnt from this is simple. If we want honest sport, we have to stop watching it.

10. Not everyone is fortunate enough to earn their living playing. But what draws people to art and artists is a desire to enjoy the propinquity of play. For it is the very freedom of the imagination. And what else were we born to do, but imagine freely?

11. It is good for a person who has suffered from acute shyness, as I had, to find that he can cause as much upset as he suffered. Better to be a brute, I thought, than to be a wallflower.

12. Rejection is the one constant of human experience.

13. Passionate dissent from the will of the multitude should be respected, not derided.

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