Max Beerbohm – “Mankind Is Divisible Into Two Great Classes: Hosts and Guests.”

Photo by Pexels

The world is divided into two broad classes. The host and the guest: where do you belong?

The guest gives little but takes plenty. The host gives plenty and takes little, sometimes, the host takes nothing back.

The host does the real work while the guest shows up to enjoy the generosity, the professionalism and the entertainment the host provides. For taking so much from self and giving all of that to others to make them happy, the guest is usually singled out for a celebration that’s is etched in the memory.

The memory could be a sweet one or a bitter one. Another categorization is made here. The category of the memory depends on how far the guest is willing to go to make the memory sweet. The failure to put in the required amount of effort to travel beyond the point of selfishness results in a disaster. Guests take bitter memories home.

No host in their right mind would set out to give a miserly portion of self that would leave a bitter memory in the mind of the guest. But the truth is, it’s a tough job to gift your guest a sweet memory.

The combination of professionalism, generosity and entertainment must be appropriate and evenly distributed. The conflict between self-satisfaction and altruism often is often the downfall of most hosts.

If we all knew that altruism was the only path to self-satisfaction then we all would embrace it as a lifestyle. Most of us would choose to be hosts rather than be guests. We would choose to give of self and grow and, refuse to seek ways to take to self and shrink.

The more we give of ourselves, the more beautiful stuff of life we take in to replenish the stock of the strength we give to the weak.

By being a great host, we attract people to ourselves and with them; we build bridges to greatness, to a happy life and to a life worth living.

At the end of the day, a life worth living is a life spent on the service to humanity. Only a host and mot a guest, serves humanity.

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