You Always Have A Choice. – Relationship.

Photo by Pexels

A man needs someone who will always be there with him on the journey of life.

A woman needs someone who will always protect her from everything that could disturb her peace of mind.

Both men and women need a relationship where they will find support, protection and have peace of mind. These are the expectations we have when we go into a relationship.

At the beginning of the relationship, we have no way of finding out if our expectations would be met. So, we give our best then wait and hope that this time, we would find the things we need to fill the void in life.

But recently in human history, so many people have had to go through life and be in many relationships, without filling the emptiness in their lives.

This reality has made both victims and witnesses to say, “Love doesn’t exist’”

May be it’s true that love doesn’t exist. With so many self-centered people doing everything to undermine others in a mad race to satisfy self first, it’s hard to believe that love still exists. Many carry over this self-centeredness into relationships and asked to be loved but never ready to return love.

For them, it’s all about them first, them always and no one else. Is it possible to spot these people from afar?

In many circumstances, it’s impossible to know the wolf in sheep clothing. It’s when they have become a part of one’s life that one gets to know, ‘This is not the real deal.”

Unfortunately for many, when they find out that they have been dinning with the devil, they refuse to park up and run. Why?

They are afraid of what those who gave subtle warnings against the relationship are going to say. So they stay there, put up with all the abuses and refuse to get away to seek peace of mind.

What they forget is that a friend who cared enough to speak the truth when it really mattered would always be available to offer strong shoulders for a friend in need to lean on.

For some, they rather tolerate the worst form of companionship than be alone. The fear of living alone overwhelms the daily nightmare of living in hell.

But isn’t it better to be alone than be a sheep that hunts with the jackals? I think it’s safe and wise to be alone, sort out your emotions and wait for the right one to come along.

The right one will eventually come along. It’s a matter of time, a matter of keeping the door to your heart open and it’s a matter of optimism. No matter how long the night endures, daylight will eventually come.

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