Olav Hauge – It Is That Dream We Carry…That Time Will Open.”

Photo byPexels

“It is that dream we carry that something miraculous will happen that it must happen – that time will open that the heart will open that doors will open and that the rock face will open that springs will gush forth – that the dream will open and that one morning we’ll glide in to a harbour we didn’t know was there.” – Olav Hauge.

But it’s normal for those who have .no dream to carry, not to hope for the miracle that doors will open. Their lack of dreams produces feeble hands that don’t knock on doors;

Their lack of dreams grows legs that can’t climb mountains to get to the rock face and wait for springs to gush forth.

Their lack of dreams will continue to blind them to the beautiful harbour in front of them.

But for you and I, we will continue to have the miraculous happen to us because we carry a dream.

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