When The Sun Shines On You, Reach For The Moon. – 2

Full Moon.

When the sun shines on you, reach for the moon continues..

The night was bright, the moon was full. Bide could see the outline of the trees of mangrove swamp forest.

They formed shapes that resembled giant dogs watching and waiting to hunt them down. He wasn’t afraid, he was with grandpa; his super hero.

Grandpa pulled the net out of the water and dumped it in the boat. It was full of fish. Bide left his end of the boat, went to the middle and sat on the boat’s wooden crossbar. He joined grandpa to pick the fish out of the net and put them in a big bowl on the floor of the boat. Many of fish were still alive and thrashing about in the net.

‘Grandpa, why don’t you come out to fish in the day?”

“Night is when fish come out in large numbers to the surface to feed”. Grandpa said casually. He continued, “In the day they dive in deep to enjoy cooler water.”

“But Grandpa, I see fish in the village stream in the day.” Bide said.

“Yes, some do swim close to the surface in the day but most don’t. Fish need light to see the food and they also love cooler water. So, it’s better to fish when the moon is full and at about 3 in the morning when the water is cooler.” Grandpa explained.

Bide noticed a disturbance in the part of the water in front of him. It was a ball of water, it was coming toward their boat.

“Grandpa…? Bide called softly. His grandfather sat opposite Bide with his back to the approaching ball of water.

“Not this night.” Grandpa said gently without looking up.

“Grandpa, something in the water is coming towards our boat.”

“I know Bide.” Grandpa sighed and turned to take a look.

The ball of water now stood motionless at about ten meters from the boat.

“I said, not tonight.” Grandpa spoke directly at the motionless ball of water.

The ball of water rose to a height taller than the occupants of the boat and went back down to its former level then began to roll away from the boat.

Grandpa watched as the water rolled back and disappeared behind a meander.

Grandpa turned back to an absolutely terrified Bide and said, “I will tell you everything you need to know about what happened this night…he paused ‘…but not this night.”

“But Grandpa…”

“Bide not this night. It’s a long story that goes back to when I was eighteen years.” Grandpa returned to the task of picking out the fish and motioned to Bide to do the same.

Bide went back to the task in front of him but his mind was still on what just happened.

Grandpa cleared his throat noisily and said, “I know you seek answers Bide. I can’t keep avoiding to let you know who you are and what you have been called to do. The messenger came last night to remind me that the time has come for you to begin the task.”

“Are you referring to the movement among the palm trees? Bide asked.

“Yes, I heard the movement…but it doesn’t seem right. You are still very young…your father started the task when he was eighteen, the same age I set forth to accomplish mind. I will tell you everything tomorrow Bide.”

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