5 Considerations Before Formulating Service Marketing Strategies.


“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.” ~ Seth Godin.

There are certain considerations you can’t overlook if you want to deliver services .and have your customers ask for more.

These considerations are important because unlike tangible products, services can’t be experienced in advance.

The seller of a service needs to understand the consider the following before formulating service marketing strategies;

  1. Reputation is very important.

The reputation of a seller in public and private life is important. Many people buy services based on trust.

A seller of a service with an albatross of trust around their neck will find it difficult to break even.

The trust is often transferred in a recommendation made by a satisfied customer.

The recommendation is often made based on the reputation of the seller to meet expectations without making excuses..

2. Appeal to imagination.

Most first time buyers of services do so based on pictures of benefits created by a seller.

Therefore to make a sale, the seller must have the ability to create an image in the prospect’s mind of a need filled and satisfaction.

3. Thorough knowledge of the service product is important.

To capture the imagination of a prospective buyer, the seller of a service must have a thorough knowledge of what they are selling.

Most prospective customers ask questions and few of them ask very tough questions, so the seller of a service must be ready to give satisfactory answers to questions raised by prospective buyers..

4. Provide auxiliary services.

Buyers of services regard such products as expenses and not assets. The reason is obvious, services are not tangible products.

To make the work of selling services easier, the seller has to give more by way of auxiliary services.

It could be adds-on like free advisory services and others. The seller has to be creative in order to add value to every sale.

5. Provide follow up after-sales services. Services are intangible and perishable. They can’t be stored like tangible products. Most services are created when they are needed.

The value is not stored up in a physical form. This fact makes it important to initiate follow -up calls to get honest reviews of services delivered and to stay in touch.

A follow-up may also open up opportunities for more sales and referrals.

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