True Love Is Faithful In Sickness And In Health.


In sickness and in health, true love remains constant.

Like the night follows the day without questions and objections, so does true love. True love neither sees evil or believes the evil said about the one who owns the heart it lives in.

Asking true love to judge its special one is like asking the fish about the desert heat. True love goes beyond the superficial, love is an invisible mysterious deeply felt force. This is the reason a lot of folks agree that love is blind.

If it’s true that love is blind then it’s impossible to exchange tangible things for true love. This explains why money can’t buy and keep genuine love. What money buys is lust in the semblance of love.

Lust stays as long as you can feed it with the tangle things but don’t expect it to be faithful. Lust doesn’t promise faithfulness, loyalty and honesty.

It owes you nothing except an occasional short-lived relieve from loneliness.
Don’t complain about the trouble you go through to keep it because if you do, you’re quickening the exit of lust from your life.

The carrier and giver of lust is enticed by anything tangible, not only money. Where the carrier of lust pitches their tent depends on what the need of the moment is.

It could be the need to escape the melancholy of loneliness and its attendant feeling of insecurity. So if you could offer some sort of companionship, lust is available to offer you ha semblance of love in return.

You may call the carrier of lust a gold digger if you like, what is important is not to believe it’s going to last.
It’s still possible to have a great relationship because, its foundation, true love still exists.

True love is still going around, staying the ancient course that is sure to take it to everyone.
Don’t worry if it hasn’t yet knocked on your door.

While waiting, keep giving love and keep on enjoying the best moments life offers. Love rides on the cloud of positivity into homes and lives.

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