How Do You Consistently Generate Great Ideas?


By consciously setting out to be the sower of seeds. Ideas are unseen seeds that become seen when they bear fruits.

It’s not easy to know an idea that would bear fruits when the idea is still in its invisible state. It takes faith, belief and hard work to have an idea and nurture it to fruition.

Out of so many ideas, only very few bear fruits. Therefore, how could one generate fruit bearing ideas?

It’s by increasing the chances of the fruitfulness of one’s ideas’ bank. The leaner the ideas’ bank, the lower the chances of reaping a single fruit. On the other hand, the fatter the ideas’ bank , the higher the chances of plenty fruits. But how does one get an avalanche of fruits to fill their ideas’ bank?

It’s by being the sower who gathers and fills their bag with seeds of different kinds then goes out to plant them in all types of soil. The types of soil are the people you run ideas by; they are those in your network.

The quality of people you have in your network is a major determinant of the quality
and quantity of ideas you generate.

Apart from having creative people around you to stimulate your creative capability, what other sources of energy can aid you generate great ideas?

  1. You have to develop the capability to be attentive to your inner thoughts and the environment around you. The habit of paying attention to inner thoughts is a conscious act that’s made possible by self talk.

Form the habit of talking to yourself; ask yourself questions about what you find perplexing , intriguing and abnormal in your environment. Don’t just ask questions; make a conscious effort to listen attentively to your heart as it whispers answers.

You are going to find one of those answers, a great idea.

2. Read books. Great books can take you on journeys unimaginable. They can take you to fantastic places; introduce you to interesting people, beautiful culture, powerful concepts and fascinating ideas.

Great books are products of painstaking researches and magical inspiration, so you become a part of aha moments, history, discoveries and magic when you read them. Apart from getting immersed, you come off with your own fountain of creative juice.

3. Form the habit of taking notes of ideas as your mind churns them out. Keep an ideas book or a journal.

You don’t have to go everywhere with your note pad to take down notes of some inner thoughts and observations of your environment. You can record thoughts and observations on your mobile device as you go about your daily business.

The difference between those who consciously keep tabs on happenings in their lives and those who don’t is, the former often generate ideas that transform the world.

4. One doesn’t walk into consciousness by accident. It’s become through discipline and a consistent practice of meditation.

You want those ideas to flow to you ceaselessly and effortlessly like the sun to the dawn, then you have to make the practice of meditation a daily routine.

Find the time as often as possible to be alone, to let go of worries and grasp the tranquility that mediation offers. The inner peace that follows is a fertile ground for creative ideas.

5. Have a daily routine. Live a structured life but with a significant level of flexibility that accommodates exigencies and leaves no room for a panicky reaction.

Having a routine of to-do things or should we say, having must accomplished daily tasks keep the mind focused. A mind focused on goals is most likely going to be creative as it searches for efficient ways to achieve set goals.

When you allow your mind to focus on goals, it’s going to come up with creative ideas to break down barriers and cope with rejections.

Set aside a time within your daily routine to think through problems and generate as many solutions as possible. Don’t place a ceiling on the number of ideas as long your mind remains fertile.

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