Conrad Aiken Facts of Life Quotes.


What are some facts of life?

They are found in some of Conrad Aiken quotes;

  1. We were all born of flesh, in a flare of pain. We do not remember the red roots whence we rose, but we know that we rose and walked, that after a while we shall lie down again.

2. One is least sure of one’s self, sometimes, when one is most positive.

3. For in this walk, this voyage, it is yourself, the profound history of your ‘self,’ that now as always you encounter.

4. Forward into the untrodden! Courage, old man, and hold on to your umbrella!

5.He whose first emotion, on the view of an excellent work, is to undervalue or depreciate it, will never have one of his own to show.

6. Separate we come, and separate we go, And this be it known, is all that we know.

7. The wandering one, the inquisitive dreamer of dreams, the eternal asker of answers, stands in the street, and lifts his palms for the first cold ghost of rain.

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