Negative Emotions Vs Personal Emotional Trainers.


Who needs personal emotional trainers?

All of us, if you haven’t realized, we all have them in abundance. They are with us everywhere to help us live to our fullest potential.

Regrettably, most personal emotional trainers we meet everyday don’t rub off positively on us. Most of them form the match that ignites negative emotions in us.

Have you met any of them yet? Sure you have.

Do you have someone in your office you try to stay out of their way? The avoidance is precautionary; the person does or says things that upset you.

Think about that person that tells everyone around them how unfair the world is to them.

They paint pictures of hopelessness every time and maybe, have succeeded to make you share the belief that the world is coming to an end. If you are the optimistic type, don’t you sometimes want to avoid a pessimist?

Pessimists are everywhere; may be your partner at home. Every time something goes wrong, it’s an ill fortune caused by unseen forces that don’t want you to be happy in life.

Where you want to paint a picture of hope, they paint you a picture of gloom. Instead of them giving you words of encouragement, they give you words that instill fear.

It’s tough to have personal emotional trainers who activate negative emotionional triggers, as friends, colleagues and partners.

A social network built around negative people is counterproductive.
It’s a negative that doesn’t inspire self-belief, fearlessness and the determination to be persistent.

Are there positives to take from a relationship with negative people?

On the bright side, it’s a relationship which can strengthen you and make you a better-stronger person.

The key to turning a relationship with negative people into a rewarding one is by making the choice to give love, show understanding and look for the best in people.

Choose love over hatred and release the light within you. Shine that light on their path by showing positive actions and giving words of hope.

Negative people have a problem of belief. Their negative outlook on life is usually a product of social environment they were exposed to in formative years. Their negative outlook on life is rarely their fault.

So don’t blame them or try to avoid them at all costs. Rather see them as personal emotional trainers who are there to make you become a better person.

Can negative people help you control your anger?

Yes, it’s possible to manage and overcome an anger issue faster by choosing not to avoid the cause of your anger trigger.

You get better at managing anger as the number of times you choose calmness over anger in moments of provocation increases. The reason is, you are more conscious and prepared for the trigger.

This consciousness stimulates your mind to react in a predetermined manner. If you had made your mind not to feel upset, you get closer to achieving that by not avoiding what causes you to lose patience.

Assuming someone was getting a kick out of getting you upset; wouldn’t they stop when it’s obvious you no longer respond as usual?

They would stop and in some cases, would learn a thing or two from to better their lives.

In summary, it’s important to be aware of our negative emotions and identify those who do or say things to trigger them.

The awareness and identification should make us determine to love others more and understand people better.

We would also be able to manage our negative emotions and not suppress them.

Why is it important to manage emotions and not suppress them?

Research suggests a link between emotional suppression and risk of early death.

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