Isaiah Washington – “I Firmly Believe That We Are All Given Signs And Dreams…”

Dream. Belief. Identity. Destiny

I believe too, I believe in destiny,
I believe that the past is the discernment we need,
to interprete signs of times and flesh out dreams:

I believe that circumstances of birth can’t stop dreams from becoming realities;
Situations are there to help us find our unique identities,

Situations inspire the belief in great people, to go for their dreams,
if you really want to live your dream then you’ve to believe this…”

“I firmly believe that we are all given signs and dreams and put in situations that define who we were and who we are to become. All of it points towards our destiny. All we need to do is listen carefully to the messages and follow our dreams. It is in our dreams that we find our true identities and where our destiny awaits.” – Isaiah Washington

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