How Do You Encourage Customer Loyalty?


A business is set up to make profit. A business that wants to make profit has to work hard to earn the loyalty of their customers.

To earn the loyalty of customers, a business has to work hard to satisfy customers and earn their willingness to start a relationship. It is the relationship that will cause customers to be repeat customers, refer other customers to the business and strongly resist switching to a competitor.

The following tips can help strengthen the relationship between a business and its customers and also build a strong customer loyalty.

  1. Learn to exceed customer expectations;

A business that understands how important it is to earn customer loyalty will try to exceed customer expectations by adding extra value.

The business will work hard at giving a higher quality of product relative to price charged. The extra value could be long-term guarantees, an attractive packaging, the right product, free customer advisory services and others.

Another way to exceed customer expectations is by offering superior informational services. A product or service accompanying written information materials, are powerful outlets to give clear information.

The information may contain proper usage, storage and other directions which can help the customer derive maximum satisfaction from the product or service. It is also important to take time to explain expectations the customer should have.

Give freebies, provide after sales services and other add-on services or products. Think, what other small items can you offer your customer to earn their loyalty?

2. Explore ways of improving follow-up.

Follow-up is a great way to make a significant impression on both new and returning customers. Most businesses that retain customer loyalty schedule times to find out how satisfied customers are with their purchases. Many businesses that make commitments to follow up with customers, work hard to keep such commitments.

3. Ask for feedback.

You want to earn the loyalty of your customers, let them know you really want honest reviews of your product or service. It is equally important to provide feedback channels to your customers.

Get honest reviews, good or bad observations, from customers by giving them the freedom to express themselves. You give this freedom by asking the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ open –ended questions.

Get to know their problems, resolve them timely and serve your customers in great ways hard to find somewhere else.

4. Remember customer is king.

So give them the best. Surprise your customer with convenient services. Let them know that you value their time and the effort they put in to do business with you. A business that values customer loyalty prioritizes effective and efficient service delivery.

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