How Do You Know When A Relationship Is Over?

It’s Over.

Some are not bold enough to say the words, “It’s over between us”.They don’t want to hurt nobody.

They hope for their actions to ‘say’, ‘This relationship is over’.

They may demonstrate the hope in many ways. Some of the ways are;

The partner who wants out cuts off the lifeline of the relationship. The lifeline of every relationship is a healthy, two way communication. The partner who wants out ceases to answer and return calls.

On rare occasions when they answer calls, they blame their inability to call back on ‘being too busy’. Some may be rude. They let you know that ‘You are too demanding of their time’ or ‘You are too self-centered’.

Press on to express your frustration at being shut of their lives, you get to hear, ‘I am tired of this, you are so unsupportive.”

Take the hint in the message. It’s in “I am tired of this…” You may choose to stay on with the hope that they find their way back to your heart. Or you may want to walk away and get a life.

The partner who wants to walk away suddenly begins to find faults with almost everything you do or say. Your presence alone constitutes an ‘irritant’. Complaints become a daily bitter pill you have to swallow.
‘What is going on darling?” you may ask.
‘What?’ may be the answer?
“You seem to be complaining so much about everything I do or say. Have I done anything wrong darling?’ you really want to know.
“Look! I am tired of everything!!’ could be the thunderous response, the walking out on you and the slamming of the door in your face.
The drama is sure going to keep reoccurring until one person finally finds the courage to say, ‘I am tired, let’s go our separate ways.”

When the trust is gone, you are no longer taken into confidence. You want to know about things happening in the office? Go ahead and ask,

‘How was the office today?”

‘Fine.’ A brusque answer.

You are confused? You are wondering whether to probe further or to let sleeping dogs lie. Wisdom whispers in your ear, “Avoid another fight this night.’

You are no longer found trustworthy to have a share in their dreams, works-in-progress, bad and good moments. Such moments are either locked up within or shared with someone else.

Yes, the mind is now on someone else, someone more appealing. The heart belongs to someone now regarded as a ‘better or a more suitable partner’.

You have ceased to be the one after the heart of the partner who wishes you get the hint that ‘the relationship is over’. Eventually you become used to talking to a wood. Most times, conversations with your once talkative partner become a monologue; you end up talking to yourself. The body is with you but the mind is with someone else. Take the hint.

Physical intimacy? You can’t remember the last time they had a burning in their veins for you, can you? That can’t happen anymore except under an influence. The heart is gone, Wake up! Try to bring up the subject and get served flimsy excuses.

Take the initiative to create moments of intimacy and get pushed away. The multiple rejections are eventually going to get to you. When they do, you would prefer to let them go.

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