It Is Your Character That Defines Who You Truly Are.


Your position or your wealth should not make you think that you are better than everyone else, rather, you should see it as an opportunity to prove that nature did not make mistake to honour you with the position or with wealth.

Everyone deserves respect from you, whether poor or rich, except the one who has refused to respect his/herself.

However, respect from others comes when you respect yourself. When you respect yourself, others will naturally respect you. This is a natural law that cannot be changed.

Any leader that forces people to obay or follow him is a failed leader. A natural leader always have people who follow him naturally.

When you are in a position of authority, be careful the way you exercise your authority over your subjects. Remember that even the position of a permanent Secretary is not permanent.

The beauty of wealth is seen when it is owned by a humble fellow. No matter what you think you have, be humbled. Life is beyond what anyone can claim to have mastered

In your dealings, ensure you treat everyone with respect, love, and care. Don’t forget that nobody has arrived; everyone is still on the journey. So let no one brags.

The way you treat others matters more than your position or your wealth. Always know that you will be better remembered by the kind of life you lived and not by your position or wealth.

By Michael Eneyo, author of Philosophy of Fear: A Move To Ofvercoming Negative Fear.

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